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Free Dental Health Acceleration Session Access How To Benefit From A Rock Solid Solution To Maximizing Your Total Oral Systemic Health Care Now

The Dentist Raleigh NC

Welcome To Our Dental Office

Practicing General Dentistry in Raleigh, NC for Over Two Decades

We love and have been eagerly awaiting your arrival to provide dental care at our office in the Raleigh area for any individual ready to take advantage of your choice when considering scheduling for optimal dental care practice.

Are you tired of depending on the conventional dental office's current response to accommodate your immediate scheduled convenience? 

Have you been wondering If any dentist will work with you when you want and support adding value to what's most important to how you feel and function regardless of your insurance?

Have you tried another dentist or been searching for your first visit, and what you've experienced in the past visits so far hasn't fully felt like it worked for you?

You're not alone.

A recent study shows that the lowest ratings of patient satisfaction were the accessibility and appearance of the dental center. The performance of dentists' explained 42.6% of overall satisfaction, and the clinical setting explained 31.5% of total satisfaction.

The good news is. Scientifically proven solutions are available for anyone who would like it regardless of when you've last visited the dentist, your insurance provider, without insurance, or have had a deficiency or downgraded feelings of past dental experiences in general. 

Here are some benefits

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What Our Raleigh Dentist Office Specializes In

Reset Your Oral Systemic Care 

Establish Dental Eating Habits

Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle

Set Dental Health Goals

Personalized Treatment Plan

The Passage Of Your Best Version Of Healthy Starts on the Path of Self Love Value & Commitment. Make Your Critical Moment Today.


Let’s Get Mouth Healthy

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Welcome to The Dentist Raleigh NC. We love providing dental care in the Raleigh area for any individual ready to take advantage of your choice when considering scheduling for optimal dental care practice.


We accept all patients in need of immediate restorative and long term preventative dentistry care. We see all people searching for the best dentist near me that lives in or traveling to North Carolina. Our mission is to increase awareness and engagement of your oral hygiene decisions to remain prepared to provide a full range of your dental services for your healthy smile.

To maximize dental health achievement for all of our patients, we take great pride and pleasure in our office, offering the full complement of dental professionals.


Gentle Dental is an overall thought when caring for every patient, no matter the age. We suggest that children 3 1/2 years of age begin dental treatment. Our Raleigh dental office employees provide the education, confidence, and trust to regular dental health care commitment. We appreciate, recognize, and take responsibility for your entire family.

5 Simple Ways We Fix Your Challenging Dental Health Issues

1.   Preventive Dentistry - Daily, at-home oral care that not only decreases but prevents cavity risk.


As a leading dental provider of the Raleigh, NC area, we want you to have a healthy mouth. We teach the proper nutrition and plaque control program to ensure you accomplish what's most important to you and new information to add value to your plan.


The quality habits of you taking care of your teeth while you are away from the dentist is the point of this education. Brushing and flossing are the daily habits included in this information. Access answers to your questions and discovers dental insider secrets questions from toothbrush bristle style to over scrubbing teeth.

2.   Cosmetic Dentistry- The smile you have always envisioned and wanted for yourself is what we prepare to achieve during our process of enhancement. The best Raleigh dentist office knows your smile can be the most eye-catching feature attributed to your face.


Our team gives you the analysis for every detail within your smile.


We examine and identify the areas for improvement and give you back the control over your mouth. Dentistry accomplishments and advancements have allowed you to have this control. You no longer have to live with stained, chipped, or even misshapen teeth.

3.   Restorative Dentistry - Health, function, and appearance are the center of attention to restore your teeth.

Everyone will likely need some restorative care in their lifetime.


Dental restoration in our dental office includes dental implants Raleigh can replace their missing permanent teeth and help keep the bone with a much more natural restored look. The dental implants Raleigh can expect are long-term replacements for your dependable and stable teeth. The dental implant Raleigh receives can last a lifetime.

4.   Sedation Dentistry - We offer a hub of safe and effective ways of controlling fear and anxiety in the NC office we have ready to reduce.


Local anesthetics are to control regional pain.


Our certified, trained, and proven staff commonly use these anesthetics concurrently with sedative drugs and techniques. Your sedation consultation within your treatment plan received at the RTP area office is specific to you. Fearful and anxious patients can use Nitrous oxide to lead to a relaxing dental visit. Nitrous oxide is also known as laughing gas. Most patients describe the feeling of Euphoria when inhaled through the nose mask. The purpose is to control low-level anxiety in a range of ages. 


Sedation dentistry has a variety of relaxing options when treatment is needed.


Oral sedation can be provided before your appointment to relieve anxiety before your treatment plan and scheduled date. Intravenous IV sedation is the most rapid Raleigh sedation dentistry medication. The sedation specialist can administer and control the sedation level. During this particular method as a Raleigh sedation dentist, we inform you of the conscious state that can relax you to sleep.

5.   Emergency & Urgent Dental Care - Every member of our Raleigh Dental Care staff can be made readily available and always prepared to accommodate any unfortunate situation.


You can rest assured knowing you can contact our 24-hour dentist phone line and form for your same-day emergency. We are sensitive to your concern and promise to get you in the office to satisfy your emergency upon learning of the request.


Our Research Triangle Park (RTP) area office's goal is to concentrate on the pain within your emergency and respond with emergency dental procedures. We will remain flexible when addressing your urgent request to make for a pleasant and uneventful dental experience. We want your dental experience to be as enjoyable and as pain-free as possible for all patients, including new patients. We no longer want you to fear the dentist.


Call us immediately as your urgent oral health care questions arise and be comforted in the chair of a Raleigh dental expert.

The Dentist Raleigh NC
5613 Duraleigh Road #131 Raleigh, NC 27612
Phone: 919-371-5921 

The Importance of Regular Visits to The
 Dentist Raleigh NC

Have you ever wondered why the dentist wants to schedule another appointment with you periodically and not dated far from your previous meeting, even when the oral examination you just received went well and finished successfully?


These regular dental visits are vital to maintaining and sustaining healthy teeth and gums.


To maximize all benefits, plan to utilize a good home care regimen as a supplement with your professional examination here at the Dentist Raleigh NC at least every six months. Once we review your oral health status, our dentist in Raleigh, NC, may advise more frequent visits.
 After your six month cleaning, your teeth can acquire plaque and stains from your food, coffee, tea, and tobacco.


One year after the same cleaning with our dentist in Raleigh, NC, the plaque build-up can harden into tartar or calculus formation. The Dentist in Raleigh NC, checks your teeth for decay, but this is only a minor detail of a thorough oral exam. The dentist will also probe gums for any inflammation, tooth movement, and pockets. The examination of your mouth will provide any indications of possible cancer, diabetes, and vitamin deficiencies. We can note any irregular features in your facial structure: saliva, bite, and temporomandibular joint. Our Dentist Raleigh NC and hygienist can thoroughly clean your teeth and continue to educate and encourage you to manage excellent oral hygiene.

The Regular Dental Visit from Our Raleigh Dentist office includes:

Facial Structure Exam
Cancer Screening 
 Palpation of Chewing Muscles
Palpation of Lymph Nodes
Temporomandibular Joint

Periodontal Exam
Mucous Membranes
Occlusion (Bite)
Decay of Teeth
Broken Fillings
Removable Appliances
Contact Between Teeth

Assessment of Mouth Cleanliness
Oral Hygiene Instruction


Once we complete the clinical dental exam, our professionals will provide a detailed specific treatment plan for you and determine when you should schedule your follow-up visit. The regular dental visits are apart of our preventive dentistry maintenance. This focus, along with your home care system, is sure to translate to good oral health.

How to Choose the Best
Dentist Raleigh NC 

A person’s smile has a significant effect on their personality. Your teeth and gums affect your smile, so choosing the right dentist in Raleigh, NC, is essential if you want to achieve the perfect smile that will brighten up other people’s day.


The quality of dental care and the number of dentists in Raleigh receives influence by the University of North Carolina School of Dentistry. The Dentist Raleigh NC, like the surrounding credible universities & colleges we always continue to care for, work to be recognized for its education and research to serve as a top dental practice. 

Discovering Dental Providers in Raleigh NC

The North Carolina Dental Board regulates dental service providers.


This regulating body ensures that only qualified persons can practice dental hygiene and dentistry in North Carolina.


The North Carolina Dental Society, on the other hand, is a professional organization that promotes dentistry and improvement of people’s oral health. This organization supports the maintenance of high standards of competency and practice. It represents the interests of the public and members of the dental industry. 


 There is a selection of dental service providers in Raleigh. Some are periodontists, endodontists, orthodontists, pediatrics, and perform maxillofacial or oral surgery and general dentistry. The progressive thinking of dental service providers is also changing the condition of dental services offered in Raleigh. A broader range of dental services is now available under one roof. A Raleigh Dentist who practice general dentistry participates in different training activities to provide other dental care services. Offering dental care services under one roof benefits dentists and patients as they no longer need to get permission and transfer their dental records from one dentist to another. 

The dentist who knows the patient's preferences and dental care can provide almost all of the required services in a comfortable and familiar environment.


It is a fact that a friendly atmosphere helps reduce the anxiety felt by some patients when they have to visit a new dentist to get the service they need. Dentists who provide other benefits aside from general practice can also give more timely treatment for non-routine dental care needs such as periodontal treatments and orthodontics. 

 It is best to ask your prospective dentist in Raleigh, NC, about the range of services offered and their credentials. You should also ask if he is qualified to perform sedation dentistry. The state of North Carolina implemented a certification process and guidelines to guarantee people's safety when it comes to the administration of sedation. General dentists who offer other dental services should refer complicated cases to the right dental care specialists specializing in a specific dental problem. 


How To Choose Your Best Dentist

Most people often ignore the pain they are suffering until they can no longer stand it before seeing a doctor find the right solution to their problem.


The same goes for those who have dental issues. It would be best to wait until you have a dental emergency before finding a dentist. Seeing a dentist before you suffer from any dental emergency would help prevent potential dental problems.


If you're already experiencing dental issues, going to the dentist as soon as possible is recommended. Now, how can you find the right dentist in Raleigh, NC?


 Ask for recommendations 

 Get recommendations from people who have experienced the dentist. Learn our dentists' flexible scheduling and broader dental care services we offer. You can also ask your insurance provider about the dentists that are covered by their insurance plan.

Check our website 

 Dental service providers now have their websites to check the services they offer and book an appointment. If you don't have enough time to visit their office personally, you can go to their website and contact them through it. You can also visit the official website of the American Dental Association. They have a list of active American Dental Association members near your area. 


 Call and Schedule Now

 The Dentist Raleigh NC 5613 Duraleigh Road, Suite 131 Raleigh, NC 27612

 Phone: 919-371-5921


 Call the office and ask about their location and schedule.


You should also ask if the dentist accepts new patients and how long you need to wait for an appointment. If the wait time takes several weeks or even months, the dentist wait could be a good month since they see many clients.


However, this also means that they will not have enough time for you. At our dentist's office, this is not the case. Call us now. If the dentist only works during the day and is only available at night or during weekends, you may want to look for an office with weekend and evening hours. 


 Checking the office's address is vital to see if it's near where you live or work. Finding a dentist near you would be beneficial as you don't need to travel long distances to see them. You can visit our dentist immediately and get rid of your dental problem fast. It is also essential to ask if they have an appointment cancellation policy and covered by your dental insurance plan. This benefit will help you make the best decision and save money at the same time. 

Book an appointment


 You’ve found the right dentist. It would be best if you visited our office.


Our representative can answer many of your questions over the phone, but seeing the office is still the best way to feel how we work. This information will help you find out that our office gives you a comfortable feeling that is not loud and only giving you more headaches. 


 New patients are generally required to have x-rays and cleaning. This process allows you to meet the dentist and the dental hygienist. If you are satisfied with the service, you can decide if you want to stay with them or not. Choosing the right dentist will help you treat your dental problem fast and avoid costly mistakes. Call to visit The Dentist Raleigh NC today.

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